HOF-less: The Top 250 in Points, Steals, and Rebounds

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Since 1946, approximately 3,562 players have played at least 1 game of professional basketball in the BAA/NBA and ABA.

62 players rank in the top 250 for three major categories: points, assists and rebounds. This is a select group: approx. 1.74% of those who have ever stepped on the hardwood.

Yet 28 of the 62 are not in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. 295 individuals are in the Basketball HOF. Of the 295, 142 have been inducted as players and 3 have been inducted as a player & a coach.

There are a couple simple reasons why some of the 28 are not in the Hall of Fame:
– 10 of the 28 players still active.
– 5 of the 28 players retired recently, and remain ineligible for induction because the HOF requirement that “players must have been retired for at least five years before becoming eligible.”

So 13 players have not been inducted despite being eligible. Three of these players just became eligible for induction in 2010: Charles Oakley, Mark Jackson and Horace Grant. However, they were not chosen to be part of a winning class that included Scottie Pippen and Karl Malone.

The Top 13 HOF Outsiders:
1. Paul Silas (65-80)
2. Bob Dandridge (70-82)
3. George McGinnis (72-82)
4. Mickey Johnson (75-86)
5. Artis Gilmore (72-88)
6. Alvan Adams (76-88, PHO)
7. Jack Sikma (78-91)
8. Bernard King (78-93)
9. Chuck Person (87-00)
10. Detlef Schrempf (86-01)
11. Horace Grant (88-04)
12. Mark Jackson (88-04)
13. Charles Oakley (86-04)

Retired players on the verge of HOF eligibility:
Vlade Divac (90-05)
Gary Payton (91-07)
Clifford Robinson (90-07)
Chris Webber (94-08)
Antoine Walker (97-08)

I will highlight these players in an upcoming feature; evaluating their careers to see if a legitimate case for the HOF can be made.

This is essentially an exploration of your standard box score. I’m foregoing more telling measurements like PER or WS per 48. This is also a largely offensive achievement for players; insignificant in many ways because it doesn’t account for basic defensive categories such as steals and blocks, which I chose to exclude because they weren’t recorded until the 73-74 season.

By no means do I view this as the end-all in HOF conversations. I mean, Juwan Howard (95-Present) is in the Top 250 for points, steals, and rebounds. It is, however, a terrific starting point.


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